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Eco20 Hand Sanitiser

Eco20 Hand Sanitizer - AVAILABLE NOW!

Your best defense is sterilizing your hands & any hard surfaces that you come into contact with.

50 mls – Perfect for handbags, pockets, cars, school bags, travel bags, baby bags & much more.

Suitable for all hard surfaces like car doors, toilet seats, carts, trolleys, cinema chairs, cafe tables, prams, shopping baskets and high chairs.

Kills 99.99% of pathogens on contact and protects against the transfer of virus and bacteria that cause disease.

Spray application for ease of use and superior efficacy over gel based products, according to health authorities.

Gentle enough for children, babies and frequent hand application.

No More Sweat Body


NO MORE SWEAT BODY can be used on every area of the body with complete confidence. Weekly application.

The NO MORE SWEAT formula is gentle enough to be used on a child’s skin.

NMS BODY is perfect for all intimate areas such as under breasts, armpits, groin, back, thighs and torso areas.

One application equals up to seven days protection.

Stop excessive sweating
face antiperspirant roll-on

No More Sweat Face Roll-On

NO MORE SWEAT Face Roll-On is designed for light to moderate facial sweating & blushing. 

Facial sweating associated with menopause, medication or over-active facial sweat glands is minimised by regular use of NMS Face Antiperspirant.

NMS FACE ROLL-ON can be used as little or as often as needed. Applied at night before bed time, and can be reapplied in the morning under make up for additional support.

More gentle on the skin than NMS Face Spray and more then adequate for all levels of sweating and facial blushing

No More Sweat Face Spray

Only to be used in the case of EXTREME facial & Scalp sweating. Offers protection for up to 4 days. Only to be used twice per week.

As the formula is far stronger than NMS Face Roll-on, it is to be used with caution and to be understood that skin may tingle as well as feel extremely dry when the product is applied.

NO MORE SWEAT Face can be used on the head region, upper-lip, brow, hairline, scalp and neck.

For light to moderate facial sweating – NMS FACE ROLL-ON is more gentle on the skin than NMS Face Spray and more then adequate for all levels of sweating and facial blushing.

faceScalp antiperspirant
Hands Crop2

No More Sweat Hands & Feet


Palmar Hyperhidrosis is one of the most debilitating conditions, affecting young and old alike.

With NO MORE SWEAT HANDS & FEET you can expect to obtain 80% dryness within 4 – 7 days of applying product.

Psychosomatic influences play an important role in hand & feet sweating.

Over-thinking the problem can actually increase the level of sweating.

No More Sweat Daily


Offers 24 hour sweat and odour protection.

Compare with typical off the shelf deodorants. 100% fragrance free, stops all odour, and can be used on young children.

Can be used independently, or with No More Sweat Body (Clinical protection).

Kills bacteria associated with odour, gentle non stinging formula, and does not stain clothes. Daily application.

Daily Crop2

No More Sweat Moisturiser

Soothing Skin Moisturiser

NO MORE SWEAT moisturiser replenishes the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

Suitable for skin types and all areas of the body. When use any of the NO MORE SWEAT antiperspirants it is important to replenish the skins natural moisture.

NO MORE SWEAT moisturiser will do this without leaving the skin feeling oily or sticky.

No More Sweat Anti-Chafe

Barrier Cream For Sensitive Area Of The Body

Chafing can be caused by the salt residue left behind after sweat evaporates. If sweat is allowed to dry, and exercise is resumed, the salt may intensify the friction and cause further irritation.

Other contributing factors include hot weather, sensitive skin, sand from the beach getting into problem areas, and prior skin irritation.

No more sweat ANTI-CHAFE is used under breast, buttocks and groin, and soothes and protects skin that is affected by chafing.

Skin Plus
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