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NO MORE SWEAT for Hand and Feet Sweating
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Sweat Free Solution Gentle on Skin
Stop sweating on your face, neck & de'colletage for up to 2 days
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Stop Excessive Sweating Now

No More Sweat is a revolutionary new solution for excessive sweating.

It’s the No.1 answer to hyperhidrosis, or increased sweating caused by stress, menopause, prosthesis, or weight problems.

It’s safer than surgical options and milder, yet more effective than other antiperspirants. This is due to its unique and synergistic blend of active ingredients and moisturizers.

No More Sweat is a gentle, powerful, effective product that can be used with confidence by anyone, at any stage of life.

“BBT” Boobs, back, butt and thighs

BBT is ideal for heavy sweating in areas such as the back & torso. Suitable for sensitive areas that hold damp such as butt, groin & under breasts. Very effective for prosthesis wearers, athletes & areas that chaf.

Due to its composition & ease of use, No More Sweat BBT is suitable for younger children who suffer from hand or underarm sweating.

Fragrance free & gentle on sensitive skins.

BBT is designed for daily use. The skin nourishing ingredients protect the skin while preventing sweating. Can be applied in the morning or night With BBT, confidence is guaranteed!

Hyperhidrosis And Our Daughter's Story

Many years ago, when our daughter was a little girl, we discovered that she suffered from Palmar Hyperhidrosis.

The condition of excessive sweating meant that she couldn’t keep her hands dry. It made every day a challenge and it affects over three million people in the USA and Australia alone.

My husband and I searched for answers but found that other products on the market were aggressive on her skin. They caused burning, itching, and peeling.

As an industrial chemist that worked for Johnson & Johnson, my husband had the expertise to work on a remedy. After years of development, he created a formula that was safe enough, and sensitive enough to use as long as our daughter needed to.

Since its arrival on the market over 12 years ago, No More Sweat has gained the trust of tens of thousands of people, and ships to customers around the world.

We’re passionate about this solution and offer it as an answer to anyone that experiences hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. Try it risk-free, and feel dry once more.


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Adrian W
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I’d never email a company like this but respectfully, you guys ******* KILLED it. I’ve been struggling with hyperhydrosis for YEARS - I would legit be sitting down dripping sweat from my armpits. I was ALWAYS excessively sweating from my armpits from doing absolutely nothing. I’ve tried basically every antiperspirant out there and finally bought your product two weeks ago and haven’t sweated a single drop from my armpits since. Seriously your product is absolutely crazy good, thank you for making something that people like me can use that actually stops the sweat.
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"Hi Guys, OMG this product is the best, suffering from sweaty arm pits for so long. I tried many of the “clinically tested” deo’s from the supermarket all for them to fail. However No Sweat has worked an absolute treat, I can’t thank you enough! Don’t ever go out of business 🙂 Thanks!"
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"Seriously, your product is amazing. My partner had terrible BO, terrible- what also made it worse was his love for wearing polyester shirts 🤮 I saw the bachelor talk about your product on some tv show and thought I would try it for my partner. We recently had a 40° day here in Adelaide and he didn’t stink! WOW 🤩 I can hug him now without getting a face full of body odour- amazing!!!! Thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏻"
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"I started using your product about 3 weeks ago and have been so happy with the results. I need to use it every second day on my back to ensure results. I am wondering if I will build up a tolerance to this product if I use it so frequently, and just for any advice you may have for me whilst using this item. Thanks for such a great product. It has been incredible."
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"I and my sister have excessive hands & feet sweat issue. My conditions are far worsen than my younger sister, the only word I could describe it was “river flow – keep flowing”. The time it stopped is my bedtime. You guys are a lifesaver! I pretty much can hand-shake with confidence, no more wet keyboard, no more wet examination paper, no more bringing a tissue box going around!"
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"I am a chronic underarm sweater and have tried everything. i could sweat through a shirt and a jumper on cold days. Today I am wearing a white work shirt and not a droplet! Believe me I am still shocked at how simple an how effective. I am that impressed I would like to get involved in marketing your product. thank you so much for bringing back my confidence without wearing a jacket."
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"Hi, i just wanted to say how good this product is and how effective it has been. I no longer sweat in patches under my arms. When I use it, it really gives me the confidence to wear shirts other than the colour black. Thanks !!"
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"I Just wanted to send you a note to say how “wonderful” I think No Sweat is. I have suffered from excessive sweating (since I was 11). You name the deodorant or potion I have tried it. Living in Darwin with the dreaded heat and humidity I realised that I had to try something. After following the instructions, I am OVER THE MOON. I am dry and looking forward to wearing coloured tops. Take care and once again THANK YOU"
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"Thankyou for sending me the moisturizer, very much appreciated!! The products are fabulous for my skin, and I’m NOT sweating anymore!!! I have my life back!!!!! Thankyou Thankyou"
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"I have had surgery for head sweating with only a slight improvement, but the rebound sweating from the surgery on my body is FAR worse than the original problem. No Sweat has stopped that in just a few days. my armpits, chest and groin are completely dry. AMAZING results! I am completely dry for the first time. I am so so grateful for this product. Thank you"
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"Very happy with no sweat. Previously underarm sweat has been a huge problem for me and I am very very happy with the results, as it’s the first time since I can remember that I have been dry under my arms all day. I just hope it continues. Thank you for delivering a product that I have been needing for yrs!"
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"This is one of the best things I have ever bought. I am so happy!"
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"In the beginning I experienced an irritation under my arms but it has stopped. Aparantly it's related the level of acidity on my skin and I just needed to use a moisturizer until things improved. However the results far outweighed the issues. I am so happy with this product and will undoubtedly purchase it again."
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"This is the first product that has worked. It has stopped my sweating and began working within a day. Very happy.I am so happy with this product and will undoubtedly purchase it again."
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"Unbelievable!!! I have sweat chronically my whole life. This product has all but stopped the sweating all together. My girlfriend can’t believe it. Im getting my friends onto it. How this product hasn’t taken off is beyond me. Had to drive 1/2 hour to buy it well worth the trip. Thanks. James."
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"I have bought this product twice now and am please to say that the results have been so good that I have got my daughter using it. Thank you for the help and life-changing product."
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"My daughter is only 10 and has suffered from sweaty hands for most of her young life. The girls at NO SWEAT were so kind and helped me to understand the reason and now that she has been using the product she is such a happy little girl. I cannot thank you enough!"
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"I have not been able to shake or hold some ones hand since I was a teenager, I am now 34yrs old and for the first time in my life can put my hand out in confidence. This product has really done miracles for my self-esteem."
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"I just wanted to congratulate your company for producing product that “really does work”. I’ve had and excessive sweating problem for most of my life (37). I cant believe how well it works and I’m able to wear “colours” again without worrying about underarm sweat marks!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! You’ve really changed my life."
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"I just wanted to say how wonderful your product is! I suffered from excessive sweating under my arms and after only two days of using your product my skin was completely dry. I am so glad I found this product and have already recommended it to a friend. Thank you very much, I feel much more confident already."
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"Hi guys, I know you probably hear this all the time but I’m very happy with the product. I used it for the first time last night after I showered. Worked perfect today, I honestly didn’t sweat a drop. This product is amazing!You’ve really changed my life. I compare this feeling to the one I had after having laser eye surgery. It really is that liberating!!!!!"
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"I bought your product for my 14 year old daughter and had my doubts as to whether it would work. I would like to thank you and let others know it has changed her life for once something that works. I have recommended it to some chemists suggesting they should stock it well done on a great product."