In order to understand why we smell, it helps if you know a little more about the sweat glands. We have two different sweat glands. The eccrine glands & the apocrine glands. Eccrine glands are found in large numbers on the soles of the feet, the palms, the forehead, the cheeks & the armpits. These glands produce large volumes of watery, odourless fluid. Eccrine glands are the glands responsible for hyperhydrosis. Apocrine glands are different, they are found in the armpits & genital region. They produce a thick, viscous, invisible fluid. When this fluid comes in contact with bacteria on the skins surface, it produces a potent smell.  People who suffer from hyperhydrosis normally do not have problems associated with smell. This is because the sweat that comes from the eccrine glands often washes away the liquid from the Apocrine glands. If you are experiencing body odour, it is important to keep the area completely dry to avoid the Apolcrine glands & bacteria causing odour.  NO MORE SWEAT can help with dryness & stop  odours associated with this condition.


– Apply at night on a clean dry skin.

– Spray at least 2 -3 squirts to each armpit. Using your fingers make sure that the product has made contact with the skin.

– For other areas of the body such as back, torso, inner thighs etc you will need to spray extra product.

– Go to sleep with the product on. Do not rinse off

– In the morning, rinse, shower or wipe off the product from the applied area.

– Do not use on a shaved or broken skin. Reapply the next day if you are a chronic sweater.

– Should your skin become irritated at any time during use. Stop apllication immediatly and apply moisturiser.

– This can happen at times if when the product reacts to the PH Balance of an over dry or sensitive skin.

– If this is your skin type, then we suggest that you apply a moisturiser the night before use and prepare your skin by first

nourishing the area.

Once the active is washed off the skin will remained sealed and dry for up to 7 days.This is dependant of the time it t

akes for your skin to exfoliate. Normally 2-3 days. However under arns take 5-6 days to fully exfoliate.

No More Sweat Daily Antiperspirant Deodorant can be used in conjunction with No More Sweat Body for extra protection.



– 24hour total protection

– Can be used independently or in conjunction with no more sweat Body

-100% fragrance free

-Kills bacteria associated with odour

– Gentle non stinging formula

– Does not stain clothes

– Stops all odour

– Can be used on young children


Sweat is a clear fluid with no odour. Due to heat & humidity, bacteria start to form and odour becomes evident. Odour can be masked by deodorants, however the odour cannot be totally disguised. With NO MORE SWEAT you will not experience any odour.  You are able to use deodorants if you wish for the perfume content, however it is not necessary to use any other deodorant or antiperspirant.