Smoker's Secret 3

About Smokers Secret

For smokers & non-smokers alike, cigarette smoke can be over whelming at the best of times. The lingering smell of smoke on your hands, hair and clothing is one of the most invasive odours a person can experience. Not to mention how a non-smoker feels when having to be around smoke or a loved one who smokes.

But no more with SMOKERS SECRET.  Smokers Secret, is scientifically formulated to neutralise smoke odours on contact as well as sanitises the area, or clothing, hands or hair before or after lighting up.

Smokers Secret allows you to feel confident in any situation. It also all ensures that you can enjoy your cigarette without leaving a nasty lingering smell that will effect others for hours.

Whether you are a Doctor, waiter, hairdresser, mother or trucker, you don’t need to feel ashamed of the smell again.  Smokers Secret will keep your secret.

What is Smokers Secret

Smokers Secret is a scientifically formulated odour absorber that removes and sanitises smoke odours in just a few sprays. Not to be confused with a
fragranced odour spray. Smokers Secret has the mildest odour which is derived from the active ingredient. Smokers Secret has no added fragrances and will not irritate sensitive noses nor leave a lingering smell.

Smokers Secret is an odour absorber that scientifically breaks down the smoke odour from cannabis, cigarette and Cigar smoke.

Unlike any other odour absorber on the market, Smoker secret does not combine with the smoke odour. Smokers Secret absorbs and neutralises the odour whilst sanitising the area, i.e hair, clothing or skin that it has been applied to.

Where Can You Buy Smokers Secret?

Smokers Secret is available online and at selected pharmacies nationwide.