NMS Women’s Daily Deodorant


NMS Women’s Daily Deodorant is milder than the rest of the range but with all of the benefits in a daily application.


No More Sweat Women’s Daily Deodorant is designed for everyday use.

It will stop sweating for up to 24 hours, is very mild on sensitive skin, and can be used frequently without irritation.

No More Sweat Daily Deodorant can also be used in conjunction with the other No More Sweat products.

It can be used at any age and can be used while pregnant or breastfeeding.

NMS Daily is fragrance-free and will not stain clothing.

For excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) it’s recommended that No More Sweat Body Clinical Antiperspirant be used.

NMS Body will give 4 – 7 days protection from excessive sweating with one application.

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NMS Women’s Daily Deodorant