NMS Moisturiser


No More Sweat Moisturiser is a light non-greasy solution for skin irritation and dryness.


No More Sweat Moisturiser counteracts dryness caused by the use of the No More Sweat antiperspirant range.

It is vital to re-moisturise the skin regularly to allow it to be replenished.

If irritation occurs after the use of NMS Antiperspirant, it’s typically because of one of the following reasons:

Overuse of the product. Used too frequently over a period of days.

Over application. Too much antiperspirant being used in a single application.

Sensitivity due to temporary changes in the PH of the skin (alkalinity/acidity)

Apply No More Sweat Moisturiser, and skin irritation will subside.

It can be used for any dry skin condition, but when applied a few minutes after NMS antiperspirant, it soothes and nourishes the skin.

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NMS Moisturiser

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