NMS Anti-Chafe Cream


No More Sweat Anti-Chafe Is An Anti-Friction Barrier Cream For Sensitive Areas Of The Body.


No More Sweat Anti-Chafe barrier cream is perfect for sensitive areas of friction on the body

Chafing can be caused by the salt residue left behind after sweat evaporates. If sweat is allowed to dry, and exercise is resumed, the salt may intensify the friction and cause further irritation.

Other contributing factors include hot weather, sensitive skin, sand from the beach getting into problem areas, and prior skin irritation.

Anti-Chafe barrier cream can be used around breasts, buttocks, groin, and protects skin that is affected by chafing.

No More Sweat Anti-Chafe doesn’t just moisturise, it provides an imperceptible barrier.

It allows body parts to move freely across each other’s surface, removing friction, soothing the skin, and reducing irritation.

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NMS Anti-Chafe Cream