When you can’t wash your hands, your best defense is sterilizing them and any hard surfaces you touch with a Benzalkonium Chloride based sanitiser, a chemical used and trusted in hospitals around the world.


1 X 50 ml bottle – Perfect for handbags, pockets, cars, school bags, baby bags, suitcases & more.
  • The ALCOHOL-FREE sanitiser hospitals use pre-surgery to sterilise wounds, hands, hard surfaces and instruments that can’t be heated.
  • From the QUATERNARY AMMONIUM family of disinfectants mentioned in various medical journals and Govt papers.
  • Suitable for hard surfaces like door handles, car doors, toilet seats, shopping baskets, trolleys, carts, prams & more.
  • Spray applicator for ease of use and superior efficacy over gel-based products, according to health authorities.
  • Kills 99.99% of pathogens and protects against the transfer of viruses and bacteria that cause disease.
  • HOSPITAL GRADE 0.24% Offering disinfection after 30 seconds of thoroughly rubbing into hands.
  • Mild on skin and gentle enough for children, babies and frequent application.
  • ALCOHOL-FREE and non-drying for the skin.
  • Offers up to 2 hours protection from infection.

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  1. Mike

    I’ve been buying similar from the diaper section for years. Feels good on my hands, doesn’t dry them out. If it’s good enough for surgeons it’s good enough for me.

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