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About Odour Toilette No.2

Using the toilette for a No.2 can be harassing for most of us. The mere thought of leaving a smelly loo, at work, home, gym or at a friends house is enough to bring a grown adult to their knees.

But NO MORE with Odour Toilette No2. Odour Toilette No2 is scientifically formulated to neutralise and sanitise bad odours on contact.

So if you walk into a stinky loo, use Odour Toilette No.2 or If you make a stinky loo, use Odour Toilette No.2

Odour Toilette No.2 allows you to feel confident in any toilette situation. It also all ensures that you can sanitise the toilette before or after using it.

And as if this is not enough, Odour Toilette No2 will not only destroy toilette odours, it will also get rid of ANY bad odours in your home, car or work place such as dustbins, dogs, dog beds, litter boxes, smelly shoes, musty car interiors, moldy smelling clothing, smelly drains, farty fridges, “wet dog” smelling furniture and much much more.

What is Odour Toilette No.2

Odour Toilette No.2 is a scientifically formulated odour absorber that removes and sanitises bad odours in just a few sprays. Not to be confused with a fragranced toilet spray.  Odour Toilette No.2 has the mildest odour which is derived from the active ingredient. Odour Toilette No.2 has no added fragrances and will not irritate sensitive noses nor leave a lingering smell.

Unlike most toilet and odour sprays on the market, Odour Toilette No.2 does not combine with the bad odour.

Odour Toilette No.2 is an Odour Blocker. A neutraliser and sanitiser, not a fragrance spray.

Where Can You Buy Odour Toilette No.2

Odour Toilette No.2 is available online and at selected pharmacies nationwide.