As NO MORE SWEAT is in a liquid spray applicator, it can be used on all areas of the body ie. face,  scalp, neck, back, underarms, hands, feet, intimate areas etc.

NO MORE SWEAT must only be used at night, after bathing. Apply  to a completely dry, clean surface. Spray 1-2 times on area of concern.  The area in concern will remain dry for 2 to 7 days. Depending on how fast that area exfoliates. Should any area being treated become sensitive to NO MORE SWEAT, stop application and apply moisturiser immediately. Re-apply a few days later using a small area of skin as a tester.  Do not use NO MORE SWEAT after shaving, on a rash or on open wounds.

Your regular fragrance can be used after NO MORE SWEAT application.



– Apply at night on a dry clean skin.

– Wash skin with water, soap or facial cleanser.

– DO NOT use any moisturiser on the night of application

– Spray product onto a tissue or cotton wool ball and gently rub into clean skin avoiding the eye area. Repeat so that you cover all pores.

– Product can be sprayed directly onto the skin, however it is suggested that you test a small area before spraying directly onto skin.

– Go to bed. Do not rinse off.

– Rinse off in the morning using water, soap or cleanser. DO NOT rub or agitate your skin when towel drying,  simply dab dry.

– If desired result is not obtained in the first day after application, re apply the next night.

Then do not use for the next 2-3 nights. No More Sweat face should be used 1-2 times per week there after.

– If you are unable to leave the product on over night due to a tingling sensation, you may remove it after 30 – 60 minutes as the effect

will have taken place in this time.

– Always moisturise on the off days when using No More Sweat Face.



The NO MORE SWEAT formula is gentle enough to be used on a child’s skin. NO MORE SWEAT BODY can be used on every area of the body with complete confidence.

TOTAL BODY is perfect for all intimate areas such as under breasts, armpits, groin, back, thighs and torso areas.


– Apply at night on a clean dry skin.

– Spray at least 2 -3 squirts to each armpit. Using your fingers make sure that the product has made contact with the skin.

– For other areas of the body such as back, torso, inner thighs etc you will need to spray extra product.

– Go to sleep with the product on. Do not rinse off

– In the morning, rinse, shower or wipe off the product from the applied area.

– Do not use on a shaved or broken skin. Reapply the next day if you are a chronic sweater.

– Should your skin become irritated at any time during use. Stop apllication immediatly and apply moisturiser.

– This can happen at times if when the product reacts to the PH Balance of an over dry or sensitive skin.

– If this is your skin type, then we suggest that you apply a moisturiser the night before use and prepare your skin by first

nourishing the area.

Once the active is washed off the skin will remained sealed and dry for up to 7 days.This is dependant of the time it takes for your skin to exfoliate. Normally 2-3 days. However under arns take 5-6 days to fully exfoliate.

No More Sweat Daily Antiperspirant Deodorant can be used in conjunction with No More Sweat Body for extra protection.



Sweat is a clear fluid with no odour. Due to heat & humidity, bacteria start to form and odour becomes evident. Odour can be masked by deodorants, however the odour cannot be totally disguised. With NO MORE SWEAT you will not experience any odour.


– 24hour total protection

– Can be used independently or in conjunction with no more sweat Body

-100% fragrance free

-Kills bacteria associated with odour

– Gentle non stinging formula

– Does not stain clothes

– Stops all odour

– Can be used on young children



With NO MORE SWEAT HANDS & FEET you can expect to obtain 80% dryness within 4 – 7 days of applying. Psychosomatic A256-006CROPinfluences play an important role in hand and feet sweating. Over-thinking the sweating problem can actually increase the level of sweating.



– Apply liberally before bed on a dry clean skin, including wrists and ankles.

– Spray 3-4 squirts and rub hands together.

– Go to sleep with the product on.

– Rinse off in the morning using soap. Do NOT rub hands with the towel when drying hands,  simply dab dry.

– If you are a Chronic sweater it is suggested that No More Sweat Hnads & Feet is applied 2-3 nights in a row.

– After that apply one night on and 2 nights off is the suggested application.

– The product should be used for at least 3 weeks to allow for the person to stop thinking about their condition and for the products efficacy to be





There are several procedures to stop excessive sweating, Botox, Surgery, Shock Treatments. However some of the more permanent procedures can cause compensatory sweating to other parts of the body. Once a permanent procedure has been undertaken and compensatory sweating occurs, there is often no way to reverse the procedure. NO MORE SWEAT will help stop compensatory sweating that may occur due to permanent sweat reversal.