The NO MORE SWEAT H&F formula is AS effective and far more gentle on the skin than the current DRICLOR formula.

The active Aluminum content in NO MORE SWEAT H&F  is 15% Aluminum Chloride which is equivalent to 27% Hexahydrate.

Driclor is 20% Hexahydrate (Equivalent to 11% Aluminum Chloride). This making NMS stronger yet  less aggressive on the skin. This is due to the active ingredient, Aluminium Chloride, which in our opinion, is a far better active ingredient than Hexahydrate Aliminium Chloride used in Driclor and many other “sweat stopping” products.

DRICLOR has been taken off the market for unknown reasons. In our opinion, the formula was to aggressive on the skin. Causing burning, cracking and excessive drying of the area.  The long term effects of these “negatives” where not only unknown to the manufacturer but also to the user.

It was for this reason, when NO MORE SWEAT H&F was developed, great care was taken to  “looking after the skin”. As NMS Hands & feet was formulated for our own daughter, extra care was taken for her well being and the long term effects on her skin. It was due to her using such products as Driclor with Hexahydrate, that made us aware of the negative side effects of these products.

Being 100% dry is one thing but having dry, damaged and prematurely ageing skin is completely another. With NMS hands & feet you WILL be dry but more importantly your skin WILL ALSO be happy.

We endorse using No More Sweat Face and No More Sweat Body for sensitive areas instead of the Driclor formula. Customers who have been using Driclor for these areas are able to use No More Sweat Body and NMS Face with the same efficacy and less side effects.

No More Sweat H&F should only be used by persons 16 years and over.

Safe to use when pregnant and breast feeding.

Moisturising during use is advised as mild irritation may occur. 





With NO MORE SWEAT HANDS & FEET you can expect to obtain 80% dryness within 4 – 7 days of applying. Psychosomatic A256-006CROPinfluences play an important role in hand and feet sweating.

Over-thinking the sweating problem can actually increase the level of sweating.



– Apply liberally before bed on a dry clean skin, including wrists and ankles.

– Spray 3-4 squirts and rub hands together.

– Go to sleep with the product on.

– Rinse off in the morning using soap. Do NOT rub hands with the towel when drying hands,  simply dab dry.

– If you are a Chronic sweater it is suggested that No More Sweat Hands & Feet is applied 2-3 nights in a row.

– After initial application – apply NMS hands & feet every second or third night or as required.

– The product should be used for at least 3 weeks to allow for the efficacy to be assessed accordingly.

– No More Sweat may damage jewellery – remove before applying.