1) We have recently upgraded the applicator for NMS FACE. The reason are as follows1)The original spray applicator made application confusing and difficult for many who used it. The spray applicator also allowed too much formula to reach the skin which we found to          be too strong and tingle many customers faces causing them to stop use. For these reasons we decided after many months of trials and 1000 test subjects to place NMS Face into a convenient roll-on applicator which can be used day or night with ease.

2) We are using the exact same tried and tested formula which you already love, with the added benefit of a little more moisturiser in order to keep your skin protected and subtle even though you are stopping your face from sweating. It is our responsibility to not only           deliver a product that will do as it promises,  but also take care of your skin for the long term. It is for this reason that we found the roll-on more effective and less harsh on sensitive areas such as the face.

3) Should you find that you do not like the Roll-on, please contact our offices and we can help you further.


1) NMS roll-on can be used at night as well as the day time. For night time application. Apply liberally on a dry clean skin and go to bed. In the morning wash off and apply other beauty product, sunscreen etc as per normal.

2) For day time application, apply onto dry clean skin and allow to dry off. Then apply moisturiser, make up and sunscreen as per normal.

3) The beauty of NMS roll-on is that it can be used as little and or as often as you need. If you find you live in a very humid area, you may need to apply every day. If you take medication the same applies.



NO MORE SWEAT Face can be used on the entire head region, upper-lip, brow, hair line, scalp and neck. Total dryness for 2 – 4 days

Facial sweating associated with menopause, medication or over-active facial sweat glands is greatly minimised. Craniofacial Hyperhydrosis (sweating on the face & head) causing endless embarrassment for sufferers. Blushing and sweating in front of people is very hard to control. It can be difficult to find a line between heavy sweating  caused by heat, stress or exercise and true primary hyperhydrosis. If a person is sweating due to medication (see hypehydrosis page) it is recommended to consult a doctor to reduce or change the medication. Either way if you are sweating from the face, head or scalp, NO MORE SWEAT is safe to use on the entire area.


– Apply at night on a dry clean skin.

– DO NOT use any moisturiser on the night of application

– Spray product onto a tissue or cotton wool ball and gently rub onto clean skin AVOIDING the eye area. Repeat so that you cover all pores.

– Product can be sprayed directly onto the skin, however it is suggested that you test a small area before spraying directly onto skin as you may

have a reaction to the product.

– Go to bed. Do not rinse off.

– Rinse off in the morning using water, soap or cleanser. DO NOT rub or agitate your skin when towel drying,  simply dab dry.

– If desired result is not obtained in the first day after application, re apply the next night.

– If you are unable to leave the product on over night due to a tingling sensation, you may remove it after 30 – 60 minutes as the effect

will have taken place in this time.

– No More Sweat can come into contact with the hair on your hair line but may cause the hair to be greasy.

– Always moisturise on the off days when using No More Sweat Face.

Scalp sweating

– NMS Face can be applied onto nape of the neck and behind ear region.

– Please note that the product may cause your hair to be sticky or greasy when it comes into contact with the hair line


1/ It is advisable to do a test on a small area of your face the night before using No More Sweat Face on the entire area.

2/ No More Sweat MUST NOT be sprayed on or around the eyes or eyelids.

3/ No More Sweat may damage jewellery – remove before applying.

No More Sweat is shipped directly from within the USA and Australia