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NO MORE SWEAT is safe to use on all intimate areas e.g. under  breasts, groin, inner thighs etc. The ingredients in NO MORE SWEAT allow the perspiration to subside without drying the skin. NO MORE SWEAT is very mild & gentle for the areas in question. It is important to keep areas such as groin, under breast & inner thighs dry as bacteria can form in these areas causing secondary infection.

Sufferers of body & intimate area sweating often carry change of clothes or only wear white or black clothing to disguise this embarrassing disorder.

A256-004NO MORE SWEAT can be safely used on ALL areas of the body. For intimate areas,  apply with a cotton wool applicator onto dry clean skin. Wash off in the morning.

NO MORE SWEAT ANTI -CHAF may also help in intimate areas that cause sweating concerns. Chafing is often caused by the salt residue left behind after sweat evaporates. If sweat is allowed to dry, and daily routine is resumed, the salt may intensify the friction and cause further irritation. Other contributing factors include hot weather, sensitive skin, sand from the beach getting into problem areas, and prior skin irritation.

A256-003No more sweat ANTI – Chaffing is used under breast, buttocks and groin. Soothes and protects skin that  is affected from chaffing.