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NO SWEAT FACE can be used on the entire head region, upper-lip, brow, hair line, scalp and neck

Craniofacial Hyperhydrosis (sweating on the face & head) causing endless embarrassment for sufferers. Blushing and sweating in front of people is very hard to control. It can be difficult to find a line between heavy sweating  caused by heat, stress or exercise and true primary hyperhydrosis. If a person is sweating due to medication (see hypehydrosis page) it is recommended to consult a doctor to reduce or change the medication. Either way if you are sweating from the A256-005face, head or scalp, NO MORE SWEAT is safe to use on the entire area.

Apply with a cotton wool applicator at night on a dry clean skin. Rinse off in the morning & your skin will remain dry for up to 7 days. Cream and make up can be applied as normal in the morning after application. For scalp sweating, apply NO MORE SWEAT directly to the scalp. using your fingers to rub the product into the scalp trying to get as much product to the skin. There is no need to wash the hair in the morning & the scalp will remain dry for days.

Upper lip, brow, scalp and neck sweating are easily controlled by one application.  Apply 1-2 per week or as necessary.