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As NO MORE SWEAT is in a liquid spray applicator, it can be used on all areas of the body ie. face,  scalp, neck, back, underarms, hands, feet, intimate areas etc.

NO MORE SWEAT must only be used at night, after bathing. Apply  to a completely dry, clean surface. Spray 1-2 times on area of concern. Use a tissue to remove excess product. In the morning wash NO MORE SWEAT off. The area will remain dry for up to 7 days. For face, scalp and intimate application, apply NO MORE SWEAT with a cotton wool applicator. This is to avoid applying too much product. Make up and face creams can be used the next day after applying NO MORE SWEAT.  Should underarms become sensitive to NO MORE SWEAT, stop application and apply moisturiser. Re-apply after a few days using a cotton wool applicator to only the centre part of the armpit. Do not use NO MORE SWEAT after shaving, on a rash or on open wounds.

Your regular fragrance or deodorant can be used after NO MORE SWEAT application.


Upper lip, brow, scalp and neck sweating are easily controlled by one application. Spray a small amount of NO MORE SWEAT onto a cotton wool applicator and apply at night onto dry, clean skin. Wash off in the morning and apply face cream and make up as normal. Apply 1-2 per week or as necessary.

Scalp Application

Apply at night
Spray a small amount of product into the hair line (halo region, ie. fringe, behind ears and nape areas)
Using fingers, gently rub No More Sweat onto the skin
Unlike other areas of the body, there is no need to wash off the scalp in the morning.
If you do wash your hair, the scalp will remain dry for 4 – 7 days.
Do not re apply until you begin to sweat again on the scalp
Regularity of use differs with each individual
Excessive brushing hair exfoliates the skin quicker, allowing for new open pores. In this case No More Sweat may need to be applied every 3-4 days


NO MORE SWEAT can be safely used on ALL areas of the body, ie back, torso, legs, buttocks.  For intimate areas, apply with a cotton wool applicator onto dry clean skin. Wash off in the morning. For larger areas, spray liberally onto area and move product around to cover entire area of concern.


NO MORE SWEAT stops underarm sweating and gives the confidence of never worrying about embarrassing stains on clothing. Apply NO MORE SWEAT at night onto dry, clean skin. In the morning wash off and the area will remain dry for up to 7 days. It is only necessary to apply NO MORE SWEAT “blue” 1-2 times per week to the required area. Over use of NO MORE SWEAT can cause mild irritation. Should this occur. Stop using NO MORE SWEAT and apply NO MORE SWEAT MOISTURISER. After a few days resume application by using a cotton wool applicator. Only apply to the centre of the arm pit.


Sweat is a clear fluid with no odour. Due to heat & humidity, bacteria start to form and odour becomes evident. Odour can be masked by deodorants, however the odour cannot be totally disguised. With NO MORE SWEAT you will not experience any odour. You are able to use deodorants if you wish for the perfume content, however it is not necessary to use any other deodorant or antiperspirant in conjunction with NO MORE SWEAT.


With the help of NO MORE SWEAT “orange” you can expect to obtain 80% dryness. Psychosomatic influences play an important role in hand and feet sweating. Over-thinking the sweating problem can actually increase the level of sweating. Due to this it is suggested that NO MORE SWEAT is applied 2-3 nights in a row. The product should be used for at least 3 weeks to allow for the person to stop thinking about their condition and for the product to start to working.


There are several procedures to stop excessive sweating, Botox, Surgery, Shock Treatments. However some of the more permanent procedures can cause compensatory sweating to other parts of the body. Once a permanent procedure has been undertaken and compensatory sweating occurs, there is often no way to reverse the procedure. NO MORE SWEAT will help stop compensatory sweating that may occur due to permanent sweat reversal.