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Many years ago when my daughter was just a little girl, I discovered that she suffered from Hyperhidrosis. A condition that affects approximately 2.8 million people in the USA alone. She was only 6 years old when she told me that she couldn’t hold hands with the other
children at school because they said she was “disgusting”. My heart broke! As she

grew up she spent many lunch breaks in the bathroom alone, trying to hide her condition from the other children. The worst day for me was discovering that she was using rolled up toilet paper under her arms to stop the sweat from showing through on her clothes. I remember crying so hard that day and thinking that I was the worst mom in the world. My husband and I started searching for solutions from that day. We found most of the products on the market to be very aggressive on her skin, causing a burning effect on sensitive areas and dreadful peeling on her hands. It was for this reason my husband, an industrial chemist, decided to formulate No More Sweat.

 Due to our unique and gentle formula, NMS gained momentum and we found that many people agreed that it was not aggressive on the skin and far more effective than it’s competitors. NMS has gained thousands of customers over the years and we now supply all over the world. We are passionate about NMS and want to deliver a solution to help each and every individual who suffers from this condition. No one should feel ashamed about sweating.






NO MORE SWEAT is a revolutionary new approach to excessive sweating. The product was created to meet the needs of people suffering from hyperhidrosis and abnormally increased sweating caused by stress, menopause, excessive weight problems or prosthesis. The NO MORE SWEAT product range is milder than similar products of its kind because of its unique, synergistic blend and can be used with confidence at any age or stage of your life. In addition to our clinical range of products for extreme sweating, NMS also offers NO MORE SWEAT ANTI-CHAF for chafing on areas of the body where rubbing and irritation occur, NO MORE SWEAT MOISTURIZER a non greasy rehydrating cream that leaves your skin replenished without the heavy residue left by other moisturizers, and NO MORE SWEAT DAILY antiperspirant for less extreme conditions and daily use. NO MORE SWEAT was developed and tested in Australia under the harshest conditions. Try NO MORE SWEAT products with complete confidence: If you’re not 100% satisfied we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.