The NO MORE SWEAT products are far milder than similar products of this type. This is due to it’s unique synergistic blend of aluminum salts which until now, have not been used in any other antiperspirants. NO MORE SWEAT can be used with confidence at any age, is safe for use on children, and during breast feeding.

As NO MORE SWEAT was initially manufactured for our daughter.  Great care was taken to make the product as gentle as possible on her young skin. As the skin on your body, face, hands and feet differ in thickness as well as sensitivity, it made sense for us to design individual products around this fact.

NO MORE SWEAT has designed a range of uniquely superior products that target every area of concern. No matter how much you perspire or where you perspire, NO MORE SWEAT can help you.

In addition to our clinical range for extreme perspiration, NO MORE SWEAT  boasts a range of effective 100% aluminum free deodorants. NO MORE SWEAT DAILY antiperspirant, designed for every day use. NO MORE SWEAT ANTI -CHAF, which stops chaffing on areas of the body where rubbing and irritation may occur. Lastly, NO MORE SWEAT Moisturiser, A non greasy sweat protective re hydrating cream which leaves your skin replenished without the heavy residue felt with many other moisturisers.

Please try NO MORE SWEAT with complete confidence. If you are not 00% satisfied with our products we will refund your money, no questions asked. Please feel free to call one of our highly trained consultants, who can assist you should you need further advice on your condition.

ONE APPLICATION – 7 Day Protection, ONE BOTTLE – 2 months value


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